Yesterday's Sins, Tomorrow's Promise

Continuing Adventures in the Deep Dock

10/5/11 – The water manse beneath Dock 8 was attuned, and its hearthstone was passed to Sundered Cliff. The Circle continued its explorations of the docks, looking specifically at those docks that did not appear to be breached, but attracted quite a crowd of gawkers. Dock 9 appeared to have been breached, while it appeared that Dock 10’s defenses were intact. The Circle explored the labyrinth of tunnels beneath the Docks to conceal its presence a bit more.

As they explored, the Circle was surprised to have Dock 10’s subterranean door refuse them entry. They puzzled a bit, and attempted to place their Essence into the door, to see if it would recognize them. Eventually the door DID open…

To reveal a woman who called herself The Hand of The River. She led them to a conference room within Dock 10, and spoke to them at length. She told them of the Lintha sorceror, Tzo Lien, and how he maintained a floating base of operations. She also informed them of The River, an organization based in Chiaroscuro that was attempting to help the city “flow through and around events,” designed to benefit the Delizhan without attracting the attention and wrath of the Realm. The Hand informed the Circle of a tomb, located some distance outside the city in some cliffs, that might hold the means to take care of Tzo Lien once and for all. She also informed them that the rest of Dock 10 was “off limits,” though she did not exactly say why.

Celestine Arrow completed its metamorphosis, taking the shape of a roughly 12 foot long ship, with a leaflike sail, and frondlike oars. It grew a cargo hold, with room for berths, as well as an aft upper deck, and two protrusions near the masts, one above deck and one below. It insisted on the use of its full name, and spoke only Old Realm for a time, but began speaking Flametongue upon noting that Sundered Cliff did not understand it. It informed the Circle of materials it needed to build its weapons (many of which are exceptionally expensive). It could make do with other materials, but the weapons would not be as strong.

Sundered Cliff and Obsidian Skye purchased supplies for an expedition toward the tombs…

Adventures in the Deep Docks

9/25/11 – The Circle took back up in Dock 7, overlooking the ship dock. The characters engaged in debate over the living ship, discussing what it would be, how to protect it from the Lintha. Eventually, Autumn Fire, Obsidian Skye, and V’neef Kafun managed to convince Sundered Cliff that there was no danger from the ship. The Exalted poured their Essence into the interface, causing the dock to birth a ship that was tinged in color much like the animae of the contributing Exalted.

The ship then asked for a name and a purpose. After some debate, the Exalted named the ship the Celestine Arrow. The purpose of the ship was defined by the various Constellations that dot the skies of Creation, and the Exalted chose to give the ship the Purpose of The Quiver, giving the ship a purpose of adaptability. Its genesis begun, the ship wrapped itself into a cocoon, saying that it would be ready in 48 hours.

The Circle then proceeded to search the rest of Dock 7, looking for a way that the Lintha might break in, a way to possibly destroy the dock, or a means to set a trap for the Lintha. Finding none, they split, with Tauros and Autumn Fire asked to stand guard over the growing ship, while the others proceeded to Dock 8.

They happened upon Black Fly outside, and entered Dock 8. As they got closer to Dock 8’s main building, they were illuminated by spotlights, which were very bright at first then dimmed as the building itself started to glow. The Circle drew closer and saw that the building was much like an opulent gallery, walled in opaque glass that changed in color to mimic the sun. The interior was beautifully appointed, but as devoid of content as Dock 7 was. It seemed more like the husk of a building abandoned, rather than the remnant of a battle.

The characters searched the building, and after passing through a series of doors, found their way to a manse, sunken in a very deep chamber, made of solid glass, and with fixtures made of solidified water. As the characters began to attune the manse, they heard a chime ring out. V’neef Kafun investigated, and discovered Shozam and 4 Lintha thugs had followed the Circle into Dock 8, as the defenses had not reactivated after the Circle entered.

The Circle engaged in some minor misdirection, and were able to take an hour to prepare for Shozam’s entrance. As Shozam and his men entered, Obsidian Skye and Black Fly proceeded to voice prophetic doom at the Lintha (with Black Fly‘s voice driving fear deep into the hearts of their opponents), while Shozam proceeded to directly challenge Sundered Cliff via a charm and demanded that V’neef Kafun show himself. As Sundered Cliff answered Shozam’s challenge with quips and a furious strike from his reaver daiklaive, Obsidian Skye proceeded to rain silver death upon the Lintha. Black Fly parried the strikes from his opponent while V’neef Kafun stayed under stealth and snuck behind Shozam. After Obsidian Skye destroyed the Lintha (cutting through two almost simultaneously, reducing one of them to a fine spray onto Sundered Cliff‘s back and preventing another from killing himself so that she could ), and V’neef Kafun and Sundered Cliff managing to put Shozam down, once and for all.

Shozam proceeded to disintegrate into acidic slime, leaving behind corrupted jade bracers (with a Hearthstone set into them), a corrupted set of jade Lamellar armor, and some sort of semi-living appendage on his arm, as well as some sort of scout creature that V’neef Kafun had placed onto Shozam in the midst of the last fight, and that he believed might tell the characters where the Lintha and Shozam’s master might be.. The Circle proceeded back into the manse to complete the attunement after finding a box to place the corrupt artifacts into…


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