Armor of the Ever-Vigilant Sentry

A chain shirt and tiara, that, when combined allow for some spectacular effects...


Soak: +9L/8B
Hardness: 5L/5B
Mobility: -2
Fatigue: 1
Attune: 4

When combined with the Tiara and with a level 3+ Hearthstone socketed into the Tiara, the following becomes available:

1) Ever-Vigilant Sentry Mode – this mode unfolds and materializes several layers of additional plates, a great cape, and a plumed helm. The Hearthstone becomes inactive during Ever-Vigilant Sentry Mode.

The armor also grants the following in EVS mode:

1) Sensory Augmentation Visor – +2 bonus to Awareness; penalties from darkness less than pitch black are eliminated.
2) Exomuscular Fibers – doubles the wearer’s ground speed. Once per day, the armor can triple ground speed for one minute.
3) Resiliency Augmentation – +2 bonus to Resistance
4) Vitality Boosting Subsystems – Wearer will regenerate 1 level of bashing damage every third combat action, or will will all bashing levels per minute outside of combat.
5) Stabilizers – -1 External penalty to any action that would knock wearer down or back.
6) Energy shield bracers – by clenching his fists in a specific gesture, the user can cause shimmering disks of force to manifest across one or both hands. These shields provide +1 DV bonus to close combat defense, and +2 to ranged defense, and count as physical shields. Alternatively, the wearer can bring the arms together then forcefully present both palms and expending one Willpower or three Essence motes as a miscellaneous action to create a larger, unmoving energy barrier. The force wall may be up to 10 sq. feet large and appears within 1 yard of the wearer. The wall has Soak of 9L/12B and 6 Health levels, and is inanimate for the purposes of taking damage (but not for Charms). If it is destroyed, it fades away, though the wearer can create a new one; otherwise, it lasts so long as the wearer remains in place and holds his hands up to project it. Only one wall can be extant at a time.

Upkeep – Maintenance is needed every 150 hours of use. For every 10 missed hours, 1 subsystem will be disabled.


Armor of the Ever-Vigilant Sentry

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