Yesterday's Sins, Tomorrow's Promise

The Mystery Deepens

The Circle returned to their tower, finishing the events of the evening in something of a whisper.

Sundered Cliff reflected that it would be decent to have both the River and the Emissary owing him a favor.

On the morrow, they rose. Obsidian Skye and Night’s Orchid went to Grandmother Bright’s Plaza to speak with the venerable spirit, but found that she wasn’t receiving, and the golden golem left in her plaza couldn’t say when she would be back. She then took Night’s Orchid into the Deep Docks, introducing her sister to Celestine Arrow, before heading to attempt to find the Hand of the River, and speaking with her at length.

Kafun began to draw up a diagram of what little was known regarding the murder, trying to figure out what, exactly, the motive for the murder was, and who would benefit.

Sundered Cliff, meanwhile, went to the Gilded Lily to speak with Sapphire. He encountered some of Black Fly’s refugees there, but they kept a respectful distance, thankfully. He asked her if she knew old Jedeb, the caterer who had fled the Emissary’s estate. She directed him to Dammoth Ken, who owned the Gilded Lily, the Gull and other establishments. Ken, she said, would know better than she.

As he attempted to leave, one of the refugees stopped him, and asked him to stop and share his story with them. Sundered Cliff did not want to expose himself to the Immaculate Monks, and gruffly rebuffed them, heading out to the Gull.

There, he met Dammoth Ken, a short, rotund and rather crude little man. In Ken’s office, Sundered Cliff learned that old Jedeb usually could be found at the Three Eggs, a prestigious restaurant in the Old Town section of Chiaroscuro. Ken expressed some skepticism that someone like Sundered Cliff could even be present at an event where he could get the scraps from the table that Jedeb prepared.

Sundered Cliff expressed that he had indeed been to such an event, and then began to attempt to buy the Gilded Lily, something that Obsidian Skye had expressed an interest in doing. His attempt was laughably bad, and he left without having secured the establishment.

Meanwhile, Hatak had met with the Hand of the River as well, and with her assistance arranged to be become the Realm’s investigator of supernatural affairs, continuing his attempts to cover up the Circle’s action. He later came to the Tower, and was invited in to speak with them regarding their investigation, as was the Hand of the River.

The Hand remained rather cryptic – saying little and revealing less. The murdered man had been an agent of the River, but had not indicated that he had been compromised, or that anything else out of the ordinary had been reported. The Circle surmised that he had discovered something that evening that had likely led to his death. They learned that he did not live within the Embassy, and Sundered Cliff suggested that they needed to seek the man’s house.

They then went to the Three Eggs, seeking old Jedeb and his son. Hatak and Kafun questioned the younger man, and finally got some details of what he had seen. It was a centipede, opalescent, approximately 6-8 inches in size.

Kafun decided to infiltrate the Embassy of the Lap. While doing so, he recalled old Jedeb’s words, and this sparked a memory of Kafun’s, who recalled that the Ambassador from the Lap had been wearing a bracelet similar to the one described at one point, but was not wearing it when everyone was viewing the body. He also overheard the Ambassador complaining about impossible orders and a difficult situation, but she didn’t elaborate, as she was simply grousing to herself and unaware she was being observed.

After the dinner, they journeyed to the victim’s house. They searched, and found a recessed section of the floor that held two medallions. One was a silver medallion with a river etched onto, but the other was an orichalcum medallion. That was rare in and of itself, but the symbols etched on it were those of an esoteric secret society, The Society of Orderly Flame.

The Society, according to Kafun and Hatak, were a group of Creation-bound spirits that were bent on removing the corruption in Yu-Shan, and instilling Order. Nominally aligned with the Southern Spirit Court, the Circle was surprised to hear about them here…


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