Yesterday's Sins, Tomorrow's Promise

In the Lap of Luxury

The party decided, while Kafun was traveling, to greet the new Ambassador to Chiaroscuro from the Lap. Hamat managed to finagle Obsidian Skye in as his escort while Sundered Cliff acted as a bodyguard. Black Fly managed to crash the party after introducing the staff to a large barrel of wine. The party discovered that the Ambassador was wearing 5 pieces of jewelry similar to those the previous ambassador had been wearing – and that he was fully aware of them.

Skye managed to tip the new Ambassador off about their awareness of his jewelry, then quickly left after he dropped a pointed hint about introducing them to the manufacturer.

The Party met the Emissary for dinner, and discussed most of what they had learned. Later, they journeyed to the Deep Docks, and took the Celestine Arrow out into the bay while discussing Black Fly’s plans for bringing literacy to the masses of Creation.


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