Yesterday's Sins, Tomorrow's Promise

Black Fly's Downtime

Black Fly’s Down time

First Month:
Based on Dreams of the first age Discovered his Manse where he found an artifact essence powered brush. The brush records brushstroke made by the user, and then quickly makes them again when called for allowing someone to quickly make multiple copies of the exact same calligraphy. It has a near infinite recollection of strokes and can make as many copies as demanded.

Use the brush to start producing The Chronicle of Creation’s Contemptible Failure, A quarterly Journal of Black Fly’s writings.

Fell asleep in a brothel and dropped his pipe setting the place on fire. Ran naked and screaming through the streets, as he used essence to keep himself from burning to death.
Began composition of a series of simple songs designed to be sung along with doing farm and peasant work. These songs in conjunction with a few simple dance moves and drawing in dirt and sand are intended to help people learn the basics of how to read.

Second Month:
Drank Sludge wine with the Nezumi and passed out for several days only being awoken when one of the cross bread females tried to mate with him.

Starts teaching the reading songs to peasants in the various areas where he travels.

Spends the day first attacking and then politely speaking with the demon Gervasin, who is dedicated to love and to defending Chiaroscuro

Fell asleep in a brothel and dropped his pipe setting the place on fire. The building was saved but the owner in the process of attempting to get Black Fly to pay for the damages revealed that some of the girls there were not working there willingly. Thirty eight kidnapped women were brought home to their families; the town got a new community storage building and a new town drunken eunuch.

Arranged with the Guild to export The Chronicle of Creation’s Contemptible Failure all across creation.

Third Month:
One of the women from the human trafficking brothel named Yellow Yarrow appears at the Inn where Black Fly is staying. She threatens to stalk him and sneak herbs into his food that will make him constipated for weeks if he does not allow her to become his apprentice. During the ensuing screaming match in the attempt to physically remove her from the inn Yellow Yarrow summons essence and throws Black Fly sending him through several walls before his momentum stops. The building sets on fire. Black Fly decides to hire Yellow Yarrow as his body guard.

Worked with an artisan in Chiaroscuro to create the first non-essence using printing press.

Fourth Month:
Yellow Yarrow slips herbs into Black Fly’s pipe weed that makes him constipated for one full month for not making her his apprentice.
Not much else happens that month.

Fifth Month:
Fell asleep in a brothel and dropped his pipe setting the place on fire. Fire spread to destroy almost the entire village, but it was ok because they were dicks and the fire revealed that they were secretly Yozi worshipers

Heard in a bazaar The Chronicle of Creations Contemptible Failure called The Failure Chronicle.

Awoken by Gervasin in the middle of the night to help him hunt bandits. Gervasin Black Fly and his filthy apprentice Yellow Yarrow track and hunt a small group of bandits that bear marks of the wild.

Meditating on visions from the first age and extrapolating upon the artifact brush invented movable type.

Sixth Month:
Organizing to reproduce and sell printing presses to private entities, and cities.

Fell asleep in a brothel dropping his pipe and setting the place on fire. Several of Black Flies followers who were stalking him receive minor burns, the scars of which become a sort of status symbol among Black Fly devotees. Attacks a group of them later with a sack of glass jars full of watery manure, screaming and yelling that they are all mindless moronic drones that have no independent thought. Burns become a growing hidden symbol of Solar Exalted and Black Fly allegiance.


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